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“A gamer has many lives” Well, agreed. Okay, we more than agree with this quote- you have a lot many lives during the course of a game, living in the virtual world. In reality, however, the story is altogether different.

In the real world, “YOLO- You Live Only Once” is what holds true. It is necessary to take good care of your body and health when it comes to living in reality. You don’t get boost and health packs here if your life is in danger, not always though.

With the world going ga-ga over the Internet, online gaming & the likes of Call of Duty & PubG, more and more youth are spending a lot of time on gaming rather than focussing on other things of the real world. Prolonged hours of gaming, bad body postures, odd hours of eating and sleeping are all side-effects of the games on our health. Some of these effects might be temporary or may seem perfectly normal but it is important to take early measures to prevent permanent ailments.

It is very difficult to totally avoid the impact of online gaming or gaming, in general, because given the evolution of our computers, gaming systems, and mobile phones. Gaming has become an integral part of the lives of children and young adults.

To avoid health issues caused due to gaming, it is very important to maintain a proper posture while playing games on your gaming platform or PCs. This is where the term ‘gaming chair’ comes into the picture.

You may as us what is a gaming chair? Simply put, it is a chair which can be used by the player while playing his game. We all know that gaming is a time-intensive hobby; we often forget to eat our food or drink some water when it comes to playing our favorite game. We also tend to forget the position or time we spend sitting in a single place without even moving an inch. But, that isn’t good for our body or our future health, is it? This is where gaming chairs come into the picture.

Gaming chairs are specifically designed for long hours of gameplay keeping in mind the comfort for a player since a gaming session can turn into hours of gameplay. In a gaming chair, you can spend up to 12-15 hours without discomfort.

Now you may ask which is the best console gaming chair or which is the best gaming chair that you can use while playing a game on your gaming computer station?

Broadly speaking, there are majorly two types of gaming chairs- PC Gaming Chairs and Platform Gaming Chairs. Also, there are other types of gaming chairs available in the market which are for generic uses or merge the uses of both PC and platform gaming chairs. We will talk about the pros and cons of all the kinds in this article.

PC Gaming Chairs:

Designed for the players who play PC games, the gaming chair bears a lot of resemblance to the office chairs. Although they look quite similar to the regular office chairs, PC gaming chairs are dramatically different.

PC gaming chairs have a bucket style seat along with extra cushioning for added comfort. The arm-rests and head-rests are comfortable and adjustable according to the needs of the players. PC gaming chairs offer lumbar support.

best console gaming chair

Some PC gaming chairs also have speakers built into the head-rest, cool isn’t it?

Coming to the pros and cons-


  1. Comfortable than the regular office chair, offering added support to the lumbar area of the player’s body.
  2. Can be easily adjusted according to the player’s needs and requirements.
  3. Using such type of chair encourages proper sitting posture recommended for PC gaming.


  1. Might prove expensive when considered to buy one with additional features like built-in speakers.
  2. It is only suitable for PC Gaming and not for Platform Gaming Systems.


Platform Gaming Chairs:

Platform Gaming Chairs are different from PC Gaming Chairs. They are different not only in the appearance but also in their function. They are used by gamers who are more inclined towards platform gaming like PlayStation and Xbox.

They look like normal recliner chairs but unlike the recliners which are somewhat above the floor, the platform gaming chairs are usually set closer to the floor. Most of the platform gaming chairs can rock with the movement of the player on the seat. Like some PC gaming chairs which have built-in speakers, some platform gaming chairs also have either built-in speakers or place to attach headphones and also store them. Talking about storage, these chairs have special storage cabinets for joysticks and game controllers.

There are different types of Platform Gaming Chairs available in the market with each having their own pros and cons-

Racer Chair:

As the name suggests, the racer chairs are designed specifically for racing games. These chairs simulate the real driving and racing experience. Basically, they have bucket seats resembling a car seat along with arm-rests and back-rests which can be adjusted according to the player’s height, it can also recline and tilt as per the user’s preference. Some add-ons that can be attached to the chair are the steering wheel, gas and brake pedals and so on.


  1. Simulates the racing environment.
  2. Comfortable and adjustable as per the requirements of the player.


  1. It is meant specifically for racing games only, hence cannot be used for another type of games.


Rocker Gaming Chair:

Rocker gaming chairs bear similarity to the rocking chairs our grandparents had in the days of yore. The rocker gaming chair does not have legs and has well-cushioned head-rests and back-rests.

Some rocker gaming chairs also have built-in speakers and control panels and are also compatible with DVD and home theatre.


  1. It can be customized according to different types of games.
  2. Comfortable and adjustable as per the requirements of the player.


  1. It does not give much importance to the sitting posture as it stresses more on the comfort factor.

Bean Bag Gaming Chair:

Bean Bag Gaming Chairs stress more on the comfort of the player. Styled like the bean bags used for sitting, bean bag gaming chairs do not have arm-rests, back-rests, and head-rests.

Also, it is light in weight and can be moved to any part of the room with the utmost ease.


  1. It encourages upright posture because it does not have back-rest.
  2. It is light in weight and can be placed in any part of the room.


  1. As the Bean Bag Gaming Chair does not have arm-rests back-rests and head-rests, it is not suitable for long term gaming sessions.


Hybrid Chairs:

what is a gaming chair

Hybrid Chairs are the combination of PC Gaming Chairs and Platform Gaming Chairs. Hybrid Chairs are based on a swivel base but its shape and padding are similar to that of recliners.


  1. It blends together the advantages of different types of gaming chairs.


  1. The advantage of a hybrid chair is also its disadvantage as such type of chairs can be confusing to players at times.


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