Non-Upholstered Dining Chairs


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With an increasing attention being given to every minute detail while designing your home, it is quite obvious that you will put utmost thought into other massive projects of your living room or the master bedroom say. Designing your house efficiently has become the need of the hour while renovating or redecorating your home.

Earlier, the major stress while redecorating you home was on the living room, bedroom and the kitchen but due to the major jump in the standard of living of the people, rooms such as the guest room, the dining area, home gardens are gaining prominence.

In this blog, we would be shedding light on different types of dining chairs. Dining rooms are no more mere places where the family eats their supper, they have become a place where the entire family comes together, eats their meals, relaxes, have important life discussions or maybe just chit-chat. Whatever their goal is, dining room chairs have made themselves worthy of being thought about and planned adeptly.

For you to easily understand, we are classifying dining room chairs on three criterions- TYPE, STYLES & MATERIALS THEY ARE MADE OF.


On the basis of TYPE-

1 Upholstered Dining Chairs:


Uphostered Dining Chairs generally have an upholstered seat and an dining room chairsupholstered back. This seat and the back are made of cushioning material which makes sitting on them more comfortable than the non-upholstered dining chairs.

Also, it gives the liberty to the home-owner to choose the design and pattern on the upholstered seats and the backs according to the theme of his/her dining area.

2 Non-Upholstered Dining Chairs:

As the name clearly suggests, this type of dining chairs do not have an upholstered seats and backs. They are generally made entirely out of


the same material from top to bottom. Materials such as wood, plastic or metals are used to make non-upholstered dining chairs. They do not have any cushioning materials on them and are generally basic in their design.

Such type of chairs are generally easy to clean and maintain as they have no cushioning materials which are usually made of foam or cotton.

3 Arm Chairs: Upholstered Dining Chairs

The Arm Chairs have arm rests on both the sides, ideally to rest your arms while at the dining table. This type of chair can be classified, somewhat, as antique dining chair styles.

The Dining Chair with an Arm can be seen in the place of the head of the table, generally indicating authority. These chairs are used in a formal kind of dining area setting.


While the armed dining chair is usually reserved for the head of the table, the other members at the dining table occupy these Side Dining Chairs.

Unlike the armed dining chairs, the side dining chairs do not have an arm rest on any of the sides. Side Dining Chairs, also can be classified as types of antique chairs.

4 Parsons Chair:

A Parsons Dining Chair is quite simplistic in it’s design. By being simple, it implies that this kind of chair has simple lines. To add design to such chairs, one can always upholster them.

Due to it’s simple design, a Parsons chair can fit into any style of decor and can be used not only in the dining area but also other parts of the house.

On the basis of STYLE-

Dining chairs are broadly classified as Traditional Dining Chairs and Modern or Contemporary Dining Chairs.

Traditional Dining Chairs-

Used in the days of yore, Traditional Dining Chairs were either simplistic in nature or were highly inspired by the architecture and the lifestyle of the era it was created in.

antique dining chair styles


Some of the popular chair types and names are as follows-

  • Windsor: Highly influenced by the English style, this chair has legs shaped like a spindle, a back rest which may be flat or curved, and majorly gives out a casual and country-side feel.
  • Shaker: Minimalistic in design and made up of wood, these chairs could be easily hung up on walls; when not in use due to the spokes on the backrest.
  • Ladderback: A ladderback chair is called so because it has horizontal, evenly spaced wooden slats at the backrest which resemble a ladder. These type of dining chairs can also be effectively used in modern style of decor.
  • Chippendale: These chairs feature 18th century British design and were deeply inspired by the architecture of olden Europe. Special features of the Chippendale chairs were elaborate designs on the backrest and unique curves on the legs of the chair similar to that of an animal’s claw.
  • Regency: It is also known as Empire style or Duncan Phyfe. It is inspired by the 19th century European culture.
  • Queen Anne: Again an 18th century European design. Specific design of this chair boasts of crest rail at the top of the back and an urn-shaped splat at the centre back support.

Modern Dining Chairs-

Modern Dining Chairs are minimalistic and contemporary in design and nature. These are made of either wood, plastic or metal and can fit into any modern decor style and architecture.

Non-Upholstered Dining Chairs

In words of us modern architects, the modern dining chairs are a perfect blend of form and function. These chairs merge together a sleek look and utility.

On the basis of MATERIAL MADE OF-

Depending on the material made of, dining room chairs can be classified on the basis of further three kinds- the SEAT material, the FRAME material and COMBINATION of materials used.

  • SEAT MATERIAL: As we discussed earlier about the seats being upholstered or non-upholstered; the upholstered seals can be made of materials like cotton or foam or leather covers whereas the non-upholstered ones are made of wood, metal, wicker or plastic.
  • FRAME MATERIAL: The material used in making frame of the chair plays a huge part in determining the durability of the chair. Materials like wood, metal, wicker and plastic are used in making the frame for the chair.
  • COMBINATION: Of late, a combination of two of more materials is used to make a single chair. For eg: A chair is made of wood while the seat is made up with a leather top with foam inside.