Tips to optimise air conditioning


Tips to optimise air conditioning

By the time you would be reading this article, you might be already experiencing the wrath of the Sun God. The ascending temperature might have already become the talk of the town with people finding it difficult to acclimatise with the soaring heat. Going out in the Sun might have become a taboo already.

If you are thinking about giving that important business meeting or your best friend’s wedding a miss, just because you cannot & would not go out of the comfort of your home, out in the sun- then that isn’t viable either, is it?

Even if you have made it a point to stay indoors; are you always going to be sitting right under the ceiling fan or have the air conditioner running 24×7? No, right! All of us cannot afford that kind of splurging. The summer season is often where the electricity bills sky-rocket & honestly, most of us think that we cannot do anything about that.

Is this true? Can we really not do anything about the exorbitant “Summer Time Electricity Bill Spending Festival”?

Well, some of us might find ourselves helpless here, & think about our summer life without ACs. It would be so incomplete & insignificant to spend our entire summer without the cool breeze of the fan/AC.


Air Conditioners, post the raise in the standard of living of people of our metropolitan cities, has become a necessity in every household. It might be a toilsome task to find a single city household with no ACs. Some of them have more than one.

Having accepted as a thumb-rule that, ACs have become a necessity; especially during the summer days & also that the expenditure on electricity is the maximum during the summers, we have made a simple list of a few things so that you can use your ACs & at the same time, not dig a huge hole in your pockets paying your electricity bills.

So, here are our few tips to optimise air conditioning

1 The first & foremost step to improve air conditioner efficiency is to keep everything inside & outside the AC clean. One must not forget the Moral Science lesson that stated “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” in this scenario as well.

You can keep the dust around the air conditioner at bay by regular home cleaning. But, in order for your AC to function up to the mark, it also requires internal cleansing. This can be done by a trained professional. This is the exact reason why you need to service all the electrical appliances in your house- either annually or six month basis.

improve air conditioner efficiency

Some of the AC parts which require proper cleaning are the cooling coil, the outdoor unit, the drain line, the supply vents & the condenser. Cleaning & upkeep of these should be done by a professional or you can contact your AC dealer for the same.

Like any other electric appliance, if the AC is kept clean, it will function better than when it is not- consuming less energy & not adding a few hundred bucks to your electricity bill.

2 The main task of the AC is to cool the air & atmosphere around it. So, if there are certain devices in the vicinity of the AC, that are generating high volumes of heat & you are using the AC to cool the room, then, this is not going to work out.

The AC will just have to work harder & take a longer time to cool the room that is already buzzing with loads of heat, thanks to these heat-emitting devices.

Some of the devices you can avoid placing in the immediate vicinity of ACs & improve air conditioner efficiency are the Television, the Computer, the Hair Dryer, the Microwave Oven, the Printer & so on.

3 Having said all these devices need not be placed in the vicinity of your air conditioner, it would make only sense if you would try to avoid these appliances when the temperature outside are soaring high because it is only going make it harder for your AC to cool your room.

At times, it might be so that using a certain device becomes unavoidable- at such times you can try & use the device as optimally as possible.

4 Our next air conditioning tip might sound really juvenile in nature. But we guarantee it would be a great help in cooling down your room temperature. So, our next tip is as simple as drawing down your curtains & blinds & keeping them shut.

Doing this simple task has two advantages- the first, you avoid the external heat & sun rays from entering your house & second the temperature indoors stays cool & this will reduce the time & effort required by your AC to cool the room compared to the time & effort your AC would have required to cool the room, if the curtains were not drawn & open & the outside heat & sunrays would have entered your house.

5 Another one from the simple AC tips would be increasing or decreasing the AC temperature by 5-8 degrees depending on the climate outside. If it is summer, you could increase the temperature by 5-8 degrees & if it is winter, you could decrease the temperature by 5-8 degress.

6 Lastly, it is very important to check for any leaks and discrepancies in any ducts of your AC. If there is a visible leak in any duct, the AC is not going to function as expected out of it. It may not cool the room properly; the cooling might be too high or too low. In order to avoid these problems we advise you to check for proper insulation on every part of the AC. All the ducts have to be insulated using duct insulating material of proper thickness- this will help to curb problems of duct leakage.

Hope you find our article on how to make air conditioner better useful. Kindly leave your feedback in the comments below.