types of baby chairs


types of baby chairs

Evolution has not just hit us human beings but also to the artifical environment we have created around us. The best example about this can be seen in our day-to-day life, right into our homes. Yes. The furniture we use has also gone a metamorphical evolution. In the days of yore, a single sofa set was used by the entire family while watching their favourite television serial; now there are as many, if not more, furniture items to sit on, in the living room, as there are family members.

With this atricle, we thought of sharing our expertise about the different types of baby chairs and chairs for toddlers that are available in the market.

While selecting a chair for your baby, it is of utmost importance to select something that is sturdy, comfortable and safe for the baby. It is of common knowledge that the baby cannot care for himself or herself; they might lose balance, keep on falling down or hurting themselves every now and then. As parents, we would not want this to happen right? So more than our duty, it is a necessity to have something to keep the baby safe. That’s where the concept of baby chairs and chairs for toddlers comes into picture.

Some of the prominent types of baby chairs available in the market are:

1 High Chairs

High chairs should be the first item on your checklist when your baby has learnt to sit down. Trust us a good high chair will be a long term investment

baby chairs

High chairs are used to teach babies to sit upright. Another major use of these chairs comes during the feeding time, it is much more convenient to place the baby in a high chair and feeding him rather than running behind him while he eats.

Different varieities of high chairs are available in the market. Mostly made out of wood or a strong metal to provide a solid base so that it does not topple when the baby is placed inside. And a majority of these type of chairs are folding in nature to avoid excessive usage of space.

Bright coloured high chairs are also available in the market and some of these are also equipped with a host of activity features to keep the toddlers entertained while eating.

Parents also use booster seats and clamp-ons along with high chairs for extra safety.

2 Car Seats

High Chairs

With every household having their own private vehicles namely cars, it has become mandatory to have a car seat if you have a toddler around, mainly considering the safety factor.

Car Seats are available in different types depending on your baby’s age, weight, height, whether the car seat can be detached from the actual seat or not, how long will you be using the car seat, etc.

Some of the types of car seats available are rearward facing seats, forward facing seats, combination seats and booster seats.

Rearward facing seats are meant for babies in the age group of newborn to 2 years. These kinds of car seats can protect the babies during accidents where the front and the sides of the car are impacted. Rearward facing seats are also available in the convertible variety.

Forward facing seats are used for toddlers when they outgrow the convertible rearward facing seats.

Combination seats are a combination of rearward and forward facing car seats.

Booster seats are used generally for children in the age group of 4-11 years. It is generally used along with the forward facing seats to elevate the position of the child.

While purchasing car seats,the parents have to keep in mind the age, height and weight of their baby along with the safety measured prescribed by their respective authorities, and also about how to use and set up the car seat.

3 Bike Seats

Just like the car seats we discussed above, we also have bike seats.Car Seats

Bike seats are specially designed to accomodate your toddler on a two-wheeler journey with you. While purchasing this type of seat, you should always keep the balance factor in mind.

4 Activity Chairs

The ultimate goal of an activity chair is to keep the baby occupied at times when you are caught up with work. Activity chairs provide babies with something that is fun as well as challenging to play with.

Activity chairs are available in a variety of choices like baby bouncers, walkers, floor seats. Also they are fitted with puzzles, spinning toys, etc to retain the attention of the babies.

5 Bath Seats


Bathing your baby can be a daunting task. While most of the babies love water, some dBath Seatson’t. Keeping your baby safe while bathing is important.

Babies are put in the bath seats while bathing them to support them and not allow them to slip beneath the surface of water.

Bath seats are available in different sizes and varieties. Folding bath seats are also available, you can fold and store them when not in use. This makes them space-saving.

Also it is necessary to keep the attention of your baby diverted if he or she is not too fond of water, for this reason, bath seats come equipped with activity features for babies to play while bathing.

6 Toilet Training Seats

Toilet training seats are designed to teach and train babies and toddlers how to use the toilets. Teaching how to use the toilet is one of crucial stages of raising a baby. It has to be done at the right time and in the right manner.

Toilet training seats are available mainly in t

Toilet Training Seats

wo varieties- Standalone seats and Toilet booster seats.

Standalone seats are self-contained. They are generally placed next to the adult toilet seats in the restroom. The parent has to encourage and train the baby to use these seats.

Toilet booster seats are attached to the adult toilets. These are meant for toddlers who with the help of the attached ladder can climb up the toilet seat and relieve themselves.


7 Baby Strollers

Baby Strollers

Once considered for the luxurious, baby strollers and prams have now become a part of normal households. You will definitely find some sort of buggy in evey metropolitan household.

Previously people used Prams which were huge, heavy and were space-consuming as they were not collapsible. Then came is the normal pushchairs which were primarily meant to keep the baby seated upright. And finally people started to use Baby strollers.

Baby Strollers are nothing but pushchairs larger than prams, they are collapsible and also can be adjusted depending on the age of your toddler. Basically, it grows with your baby.

They also have space to store baby goods like some baby diapers, snacks and bottles.

It would be wiser to select baby strollers keeping in mind the age of your little one and also baby weight should be an important criteria for making a purchase. This is because baby strollers are slightly on the expensive side and hence you cannot change it frequently depending on your baby’s growth.

8  Rocking Chairs

Rocking Chairs


It is a well-known fact that babies and todders enjoy rocking. The rocking motion entertains them and also at the same time puts them to sleep. A lot of mothers have been observed rocking their little ones to sleep.

Rocking chairs come in different shapes and sizes. The main plus of having rocking chairs is that they are portable. That way

 you can carry your baby from room to room and also keep a check on the baby while doing your work.



9 Study Tables or Table and Chair

The ultimate choice if you are too squeezed for space, not necessarily can be called a baby chair though. If your home is small or you have decided to have a single piece of baby furniture to have multiple uses then selecting a table and chair would be your safest bet.Study Tables

Table and Chair can be used for a variety of activities such as eating, playing, reading, writing, studying or simply sitting down.

Tables and Chairs for babies are available in different patterns, colours, shapes and sizes. Folding table and chair are also available with several sellers.