Types Of Glasses And Their Uses 

types of glasses and their uses

Ever wondered after doing up your house about a certain material that persists every time or at least keeps popping up every now and then. Yes, cement, concrete, and wood are an integral part of home-building. But there is one home-building material that is equally present, and a lot more versatile in the interior designing scenario, that ought to be “GLASS”.

There are multiple ways in which you can use glass or glass articles while setting up your house. Not only it is versatile and can be put to many uses but with the advancement of technology and inventions, the usage of glass can also be seen diversifying. Previously, whenever we thought of glass, the only things in our house we could picture were windows and doors. While now, we can see the versatility in some interior decors where glass is used for room partitions, stairs or only for beautification purposes.

Before choosing the types of glasses you are going to use inside your homes, it is necessary to do your homework about the usage, maintenance, and upkeep of the same.

In this latest article, we would be discussing the several different types of glasses you could opt for, what is so special about them and also suggest where you could probably use them.


So let’s get started-

1 Toughened Glass or the Float Glass different types of glass and their uses

Toughened Glass as the name suggests is made stronger than the regular glass. Also known as Float Glass, it is made by heating normal glass at extremely high temperatures and then rapidly cooling it down. Because of the heating and sudden cooling effect, the glass becomes more strong and durable. The chances of such glass breaking are relatively lower. If, in case, any mishap does happen; it can be noted that it breaks into small pieces which are not as sharp as broken glass pieces from the regular glass.

Keeping in mind, this unique feature- toughened glass can be installed in any area you feel might be prone to accidents. It is widely used in high-rise buildings, commercial places like shops and hotels, making partition walls inside your house or a staircase running up and down. The choices are unlimited.

Also, another thing to remember is that this glass is available in a number of dimensions- their thickness ranges from 4mm to 19mm and you can always get them customized as per your personal needs.

2 Stained Glass

Usage of stained glass can be easily deemed as one of the age-old techniques of beautifying a house. During the days of yore, we could see a colorful glass or a mosaic of different colored glasses added to a window pane to make it look more appealing. That is nothing but a stained glass in use.

Colors are added to the glass while manufacturing it. And generally, these colors last as long as the glass lasts making it a perfect choice for home decorations.

types of glass used in construction

Stained glass is generally used in doors and windows, partition walls between two spaces, in kitchens and also in the doors of cupboards or cabinets because not only it looks great but also is easier to clean and maintain.

3 Bulletproof Glass

It is one of the two strongest kinds of glass known to man. Although not completely impenetrable, this strong glass is made by combining two different kinds of glasses together. One of these glasses is a soft glass while the second one is a bit on the harder side.

It is because of the soft glass used in the making that the bulletproof glass is flexible and does not break into pieces when struck with a sharp object.

uses of glass

Bulletproof glass is usually used in places that require high security such as windows of places like a jewelry store or a bank.

4 Shatterproof Glass

The shatterproof glass is well, shatter-proof. It is the second strongest kind of glass used by us. That makes it very durable in nature and fit for usage instead of stairs, walls, railings, and even flooring.

Technically, shatterproof glass is our normal glass but it is coated with a thin layer of plastic polyvinyl butyral. This coating makes the glass long-lasting and shatterproof and even if it happens to break, sharp pieces of glass fragments are not formed

5 Extra Clear Glass

Extra clear glass is a special type of glass that is coated with two different types of films or layers in order to keep it clean and clear all the time. The main USP of this glass is that it is very easy to maintain.

type of glass for windows

Extra clear glass is suggested majorly for areas that come in contact with water frequently like bathrooms, exteriors of high-rise buildings, etc.

6 Reflective Glass –

Reflective glass is also called the “Mirror Glass”. It has a coating of metallic oxide on one side of the glass. It is due to this coating that the glass reflects light and gives it a mirror-look. So actually it is a normal transparent glass from one side and a mirror from the other.

The main advantage of using this type of glass in small spaces is that it gives an illusion of space. Simply put, it makes a small space look larger than it actually is. Also, not to forget that it gives you privacy as well.

home window glass

It can be used in small spaces as a partition wall and also at places in the house which receive a lot of sunlight; so it can reflect light and heat from the sun.

Such types of glasses are used extensively in offices and high rise buildings to reflect sunlight during day-time.

7 Back-painted Glass or Spandrel Glass or Lacquered Glass

Also known as Spandrel glass or Lacquered glass, Back-painted glass or BPG as it is popularly known in architectural circles is a normal kind of glass whose back surface is painted with high-quality paints.

Back-painted glass is being used a lot in places such as kitchen counter-tops, cupboards, wardrobes and furniture, as well as in bathrooms and public restrooms.

types of glass used in interior

Using back-painted glass for interiors is currently trending as more and people are opting for it because of the look it adds to your house as well as the ease of maintenance.

8 Glass Blocks

Glass blocks, also known as glass bricks, are made by tempering together two pieces of glass that are manufactured separately. These pieces of glass are annealed together during the process of melting the glass.

window glass types for home in india

Glass blocks are used mainly in constructing partition walls between two spaces in homes as well as offices.

These kinds of walls made from glass blocks not only provide privacy but also look aesthetic when light passes through them.

9 Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is nothing but a normal glass that is mixed with different color producing ingredients, keeping the natural properties of glass intact. Adding color to the glass also adds certain additional properties to the glass.

advantages of glass in construction

Tinted glass is also known to reduce heat penetration in skyscrapers and is also considered to be energy efficient. Tinted glass is majorly used in the exteriors of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings.

10 Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass or the noise-reducing glass is majorly used in residences. It consists of two panes of glass laminated together with a film of Polyvinyl Butyral. These glasses are laminated together in such a manner that the entire glass pane appears to be of one single glass.

Along with noise reduction, acoustic glass also reduces sound insulation and heat loss.

11 Patterned or Textured Glass

Textured or patterned glass is usually translucent and has a texture or pattern on one side of the glass and the other side is usually plain.window glass types for home in india

Such types of glasses are used in houses with extensive use for making windows and bathroom windows and also at shops and cafes. The main aim behind using such a glass is to maintain the privacy of the area without blocking the sunlight entering the room.

12 Chromatic Glass

The chromatic glass is a special kind of glass that changes its color depending upon the heat or light outside the area. There are two different types of coatings that can be applied to glass to make it chromatic.

These are photochromatic (light sensitive) and thermochromatic (heat sensitive) coatings respectively.

This glass is used generally in the windows of ICUs in hospitals and also meeting rooms in offices.

13 Wired Glass

A wire mesh is installed inside the glass while manufacturing it. This is done to protect the glass from shattering. Wired glass is also fire resistant in nature.

window glass design for home

It can be seen in places that are more accident prone and fire prone.


14 Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is used for decorative purposes. This glass has a translucent surface and not a transparent one like the normal glass. One side of this glass has a rough finish and is etched randomly or with designs on it.

types of window glass for bathrooms

The main aim of such a glass is to provide privacy. It is used in bathrooms, dressing rooms, and in houses and offices to create a partition between two spaces.