SOFA so good…. Your ultimate guide to pick the best Sofa Set for your living room

living room setsThe living room is the life of your home. Not that you don’t live in the other parts of your house but the living room is where all the action generally is- you invite people, host, entertain; all in the living room. We have noticed that people have very peculiar tastes when it comes to doing up the living room. Some people opt for grandeur, some keep it simple- but none of these can do without the “SOFA”. We could rightfully pass off a Sofa as the heart of the living room. No living room set is complete without a Sofa.

Choosing a Sofa can be simple yet an equally daunting task to begin with. In this post, we will walk you through the steps and factors you need to take into consideration while selecting a Sofa for your living room. Read this and we can assure you that you will arrive at the correct decision.

To begin with, we already know that we are spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting furniture for our dream home. A plethora of colours, sizes, shapes, textures are served to you when you visit a furniture mart. More than helping you out with the correct choice, this often confuses you in your choices.

In order to avoid this confusion, we have come up with a little check-list of ours to help you select the best Sofa for your living room. You should consider the following parameters to ensure that you have made the right choice.


single sofa bed

While choosing any piece of furniture for your house, it should be a thumb rule that you consider the size and shape of the furniture and the place where it is supposed to fit in. Same is in the case of selecting a Sofa.

Like we mentioned earlier, you are bound to be spoilt for choices. A variety of options like single sofa beds, corner sofa beds, couch beds will be made available to you by the salesperson for choice. Now-a-days, you might also find an entire living room set that will be curated as per your choice and requests. And there is the highest possible chance that it will only add to your confusion of selecting the ideal Sofa that compliments your living room set.

It is advisable to check beforehand not only the size of the sofa set but also the measurements of your living room. You might have a huge living room or like the majority of city dwellers just a small, little space to call it your living room. The problem of tiny and small living rooms can be seen quite prevalent in metropolitan cities like Mumbai.

This goes without saying that a huge living room can have long and elaborate living room sets fully equipped with couches, arm chairs and coffee tables. There is an endless list of items you can add to your living room including state-of-art Sofas.

In all, the first and foremost item on your checklist should be the size and shape of your couch. How much of your living room do you want to fill in with the living room set and how much can your living room actually sustain, should be your major concerns while selecting the shape and size of your Sofa set.


“What would be the use of my Sofa Set?” is the next question you should be asking yourself before selecting a Sofa set.

living room setWhen you have a larger living room, you can be elaborate with decorating the living room with your own choice of furniture. You can have a variety of options like having a huge L-shaped sofa set complete with accessories like couches, coffee tables, loungers. We can conclude by this that the main function of a living room in a big household is basically entertaining guests and relaxation.

But the same is not the case when you are selecting a Sofa for a small house-hold, say a tiny one BHK apartment. The functionality of the Sofa set should be the utmost concern when choosing one. The Sofa set here, not only acts as the couch to sit on but also might act as a storage space, sleeping bed. You should make a clear picture in your mind regarding how are you going to use your Sofa set.

Sleeper Sofas

Some varied options available in the market right now are the Sofa Beds or the Sleeper Sofas, popularly known as the couch beds which are used for sitting on during the day and for sleeping at night. Another variant is the single sofa bed and the double sofa bed. Both can accommodate one and two persons respectively.


As unimportant as it may sound, the material used in making the Sofa as well as the fabric adorning it is equally important. You should have it clear in your head that the functionality of your Sofa plays a crucial part in selecting the material.

Basically, there are two kinds of materials used in making the Sofa. They are in all likelihood- Foam and fibre, and Feathers or small beads. These two have their own shortcomings. If you opt for an all-feather filling; you should note that it is going to require regular refills as the feathers and small beads are not much durable. If you have decided to go for a foam and fibre filling; keep in mind that the foam and fibre after a certain amount of time is going to flatten depending on your usage of the Sofa set.

Also always check with your vendor, what is the shell of the sofa made up of, just don’t go on the outer appearance.

Teak wood sofas are more expensive than the regular hardwood wood, pine wood or the non-branded plywood ones.

Good Teak wood used as a base to make the shell can last for a life time.

It is generally advised by a lot architects like us to opt for a combination filling of feathers/beads or foam and fibre, depending on your budget.

Simply put, the back rest and the cushions of your Sofa set should ideally be filled with feathers or beads whereas the sitting area should be that of foam and fibre, giving you a steady support while sitting down and carrying on with your activities.

You can always customise your sofas to your liking it terms of your arm supports, seat firmness, back support, colour or pattern of the fabric, and depth of the sofa.

Always check the depth of the sofa while buying one, the ones that you get abroad are more in depth and usually elderly people and the ones with shorter heights find difficulties to get up or when they sit on it, their feet are away from the floor, causing them discomfort.

Having spoken about the internal pre-requisites, let’s talk a little about the fabric that is going to adorn your Sofa set. While selecting the fabric you should take into account, minor details like- whether there are children or pets and they are also going to be on the couch; in such scenarios it is advisable to opt for a fabric which is easy-to-clean. Say a polyster or a leather covering is much easier to clean that a velvet covering. Also, in such a situation, darker shades are advised to be used so that the stains if any aren’t visible.

Feel free to use coloured or patterned fabrics  as an ascent touch that can complement with your house decor, and adds as your personal touch to the furniture.

If you use expensive fabrics, we can always get tailor made loose cotton covers on it for daily use and you can just remove them when you have an occasion.

Sofa sets covered with certain fabrics such as velvet and suede can be considered only when you are planning to be devoted to cleaning your furniture regularly. Cleaning such furniture can be an uphill task as well.


When it comes to your dream home and selecting furniture for it, surely we are not going to leave a single stone unturned. One is always on a lookout for the best in such a scenario.

sofa sets

While selecting the Sofa set or the living room set, one should not forget that the Sofa has to blend into the style or the theme of your house.

5. COST:

Lastly, an important factor that can’t be denied while making that all-important decision- Money involved. It was a deliberate attempt at our end to discuss this pointer at the very end of our blog post.

Firstly, because you are buying a piece of furniture, say a good couch bed, is more of an investment than expenditure we feel. You are not going to shop for your living room set and your sofa set on a daily basis, are you?

And secondly, we feel- if you like something and it fits in your pocket; buy it. Having said that we would strictly advise you to indulge for the best fabrics and the built quality ,as a good sofa is more of an investment whose benefits one will  reap and enjoy on daily basis.