Top 6 tips to renovate your Living Room

The place where we all gather, laugh and play is undoubtedly the living room. The focal point of a home, its place between kitchen and bedroom, acts as a natural center, from relaxing after a tiresome work day to entertaining and welcoming your guests.

Whether you’re starting from scratch in a new home or are feeling overwhelmed with designing your current living room, there’s a solution to your woes. We’ve gathered the best living-room design ideas to help you make the most of your space.

Read on to get our style tips and find inspiration for your Living Room Space:

1. Create seating arrangements – that are conducive to conversations.

Often living rooms are setup in such a formal way that it makes it very difficult to have a comfortable conversation. If you are lucky to have a spacious living room, it is recommended to create multiple seating groups rather than one large one.

2. Combine vintage with new 

There is something to adding vintage to the space that makes it feel more welcoming and warm to your guests. Whether it is in form or art, accessories, sculptures or textiles, a bit of vintage goes a long way.




3. Include Light Fixtures 

You can include floor lamps, table lamps, hanging lights, wall lights to your general lighting. Lighting plays a very important role in living room as well. Encourage lighting that is soft ambient that promotes conversation and relaxation. 




4. Add a warm element

You can add rugs or carpets to your living space that makes the space look warm and cozy.






5. Invest in good art /wall hangings

You can invest in some goof art work that will add a hint of color and element of design to your bare walls. 






6. Bring the nature Indoors

You can introduce sweet smelling plants /flowers in the living space. Choose fragrance that evokes pleasant and positive memories.






With a future-centric consciousness driving the living room design trends, these tips and hacks are as sustainable for the environment as they are for your Home.