Interface was founded by Architect Kunal Barve in the year 2004. As a firm we continuously strive to create architecture that is regionally sympathetic, well grounded context and community of its place. We see no disciplinary boundaries, only the problem under consideration.
Our visual culture is not limited only to build form, in addition to build we include nature, paintings, art, installations, film and advertising. We work hard with stubborn freshness, unshakable lightness and optimistic attitude to learn from past and imagine a different and better future. This firm has become known for designing projects of exceptional materials and quality with a strong conceptual basis derived from specific needs and aspirations of each client.
Our portfolio ranges from high end customized residences, home remodeling, product design, commercial spaces, boutiques, hotels, bungalows, farmhouses and residential apartments. Our Clientele ranges from industrialists, businessmen, builders, television stars, bankers and some from abroad.